What should you eat in Colorado?

Colorado famous foods

Colorado famous foods are varied and delicious. You have probably heard of and tasted a Denver Omelette which is one of the nine items on our list of tastes to try in our state. Tuck in your napkin and start your culinary journey to discover the best of Colorado.

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Colorado is known for beautiful skies and mountains but the state is also extolled for its Rocky Mountain Oysters, otherwise known as the balls of a bull. Frankly, they taste a lot like chicken and aren't as remotely exotic as some might think. You will usually find them served with fries.

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The Mountain Pies, as they’re known, are chewy, bready and barbarically thick. Their crusts — white, honey-whole wheat or gluten-free — mounted with a thick blanket of cheese, one of eleven different sauces and a choice of a whopping 36 toppings that zigzag from pepperoni to kale chips. The pizzas, sold by the pound, are almost too heavy to lift, making them the ultimate expression of excess. In 1973, the gold mining mountain town of Idaho Springs unleashed the original Beau Jo’s, a rusticated habitat that introduced Colorado-style pizza to the masses and is still the best place to experience Colorado’s signature pie.

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The Denver Omelette is said to have originated in the railroad days by Chinese cooks making something similar to egg foo young. Locals will quickly call it one of the Rocky Mountain City’s biggest claims to food fame. The simple and delicious anytime entree is a fusion of egg, diced ham, onion and green pepper, mushrooms, and cheese. To make it really Colorado, smother it with some green chili.

The Colorado style Green Chili is a pork dominated dish full of chile with a hot and spicy taste. Green chiles, tomatoes, and tomatillos are layered with flour and cooked for a definite time to release excess water, and bring out the best flavor. It finds high demand in the southwestern Colorado because of its juicy pork bites drenched in a green chile dominated sauce. It’s found drizzled over burritos, enchiladas, or served straight up as a soup. Relish the best taste, by combining it simply with fresh, warm flour tortillas.

One Colorado dish that goes hand-in-hand with the state's love for green chili is The Slopper. This legend is a burger smothered in green chili, often topped with avocado. You are certainly allowed to eat this sandwich with a fork.

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Lamb is one of Colorado's most-famous foods. Colorado is the 4th largest sheep and lamb producer, and is known for its milder taste. Travel the world, but you might not find any lamb dish as rich in taste as in Colorado.

Trout may be the most loved fish when it comes to Colorado cuisines. Varieties including rainbow, cutthroat and brown trout can be found swimming all throughout Colorado’s lakes and rivers. The cutthroat trout is native to the Centennial State. Due to the healthy nature of fish, you can often find trout in many area restaurants.

There is a wide variety of red meat around the world. Yet, Colorado Bison is arguably one of the most flavorful red meats, and one of the healthiest, leanest too. Because it’s so lean, bison is best cooked no more than medium rare. Being a speciality in Colorado. An encouraging fact for our fitness freaks: The Bison Council states that bison meat in Colorado is 84% lower in fats as compared to the other red meats.

Palisade Peaches are from a region with a 182-day growing season, Palisade has the perfect peach-growing climate. It's no wonder this town is known as "The Peach Capital of Colorado.”

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