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Denver is a diverse city with many cultural, dining and historic districts that are perfect for hosting team building events, employee outings and activities. We can plan an engaging corporate team outing for for organizations of any size. We create team work outing ideas that will make a lasting impression on your colleagues, coworkers and teammates.


Our team can help if you’re a team leader or a seasoned C-suite executive who’s looking for better employee engagement and higher retention. You may be an administrative assistant assigned to the task of finding fun things to do with coworkers outside of work.


Let our team help your team because we handle everything after our initial conversation. We are confident that we customize the best team building activities in Denver. We only support locally owned venues.


3 Benefits of Team Outings

  • Recharge: Just like batteries, human needs to be recharged in terms of their creativity, motivation and positive energy. Team outing lets the brain relax and promotes creativity, collaboration and overall productivity.

  • Cohesion: Socializing in a casual way outside the working hours will effectively tighten your employee’s team cohesion. Such casual occasion frees up the employees to be just the way they are, there is no limitation to keep in touch with the colleagues.

  • Engagement: a RedBalloon/AltusQ report found that companies with high employee engagement levels are up to 10 times more likely to see an increase in sales and profit than those with lower engagement.


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You can choose from any of our popular local tours. There are some highlights:

Business Class Upgrades

Our team will customize a VIP experience based on what you want to offer the team. 

We offer our Business Class upgrades to our tours to make sure the team experience is a perfect match for your group:

  • a food upgrade in case your experience is dinner for the evening

  • a drink upgrade to add cocktails at all 3 stops on the tour

  • a concierge service to help you select other restaurants while in Omaha

  • luxury transportation is included in our citywide tours