Colorado Tour Co. was founded with this mission in mind: connecting people to the local stories of our community. Each and every member of our tour team is passionate and knowledgeable about the place they know best: Denver.


To accomplish that mission, we provide the best culinary and history tours to help you discover the must-see attractions and the hidden gems in the beautiful state of Colorado. Our trusted network of hosts are avid foodies and history buffs who are residents of the local community. They work in partnership with a curated selection of area businesses and artisans to ensure an amazing and memorable experience. All to showcase a premiere and personalized selection of what our local communities have to offer.


Our fun, unique and affordable walking tours lead you through vibrant local districts, while our citywide history and culinary tours include quality transportation as you travel through the area’s unique past and culinary present. Ready to taste your way through local culture in style? Our VIP culinary tours allow you to discover the top locally owned chef creations at restaurants in the hottest districts. Intrigued by history? We bring the past to life through unique sites and stories. Traveling with a group, or have special requests? We offer the convenience of providing a completely customized experience for your group event. No matter what your interests are, we have something for you. We even offer self-guided tours for those who want to venture out on their own.


Furthermore, with Colorado Tour Co., you can rest assured that you will enjoy a level of quality and professionalism unmatched by others. We maintain a company culture that supports our team members so they can provide exceptional service to our guests. Our entire team invites you to explore Midwest America with a custom-crafted tour experience. We’re sure we’ll leave you with some great stories to tell.


jasmine sm.jpg


History Tour Host

A local who was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, in the historically rich neighborhood once  known as "Little Italy". She enjoys learning and sharing all about the varied cultural aspects of Denver throughout time, 



History Tour Host

An avid traveler who has lived in seven countries and seven states, but it is Colorado that has captured her heart! As a retired history teacher,  Brandi delights in exploring and sharing the engaging history of Denver.

alyssa sm.jpg


History Tour Host

A local bringing her art & cultural background as well as her fondness for hands-on art education to the masses. Embracing all cultures and walks of life, She encourages even the least interested to walk away with some new, relatable piece of information. 



Food Tour Host

A Denver resident for 35 years who has taken the chance to savor all the changes to the local food scene. Experience how diverse and fun our city and restaurants are.

tour ceo alan rust


Chief Experience Officer

Founded CTC to share his passion for the city and all the great things to be discovered in the metro.

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Colorado Tour Co. crafts custom experiences which connect people to the local story of our community.